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Mansfield Estate Planning Lawyers
At Midgley Legal Services, located in Mansfield, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, we represent clients' estate planning needs. We have been drafting various legal documents relating to estate planning since 1987. Our aim is to protect clients' assets and ensure the allocation of property according to their wishes.

More than Wills and Trusts
Estate planning is essential to protect clients' present and future interests and to provide for dependents. When clients have multiple property interests, large estates, and diversified investments, estate planning can help clients avoid probate on much of their property. Setting up trusts of various natures is the primary tool for avoiding probate. Trusts can provide privacy and eliminate or reduce taxes. Estate planning encompasses more than wills and trusts. It involves pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements. It may involve durable power of attorney designating someone to control financial and health affairs if you are disabled. In determining the best approach for clients, our Massachusetts attorneys sit down with them to discuss their goals for an estate plan.

Married Couples
Estate planning is a necessary tool for not only individuals and married couples, but also even more for unmarried couples. It is devastating when a partner passes away and the other is left behind with nothing because inheritance statutes require the deceased assets and property to pass only to family heirs. Our Massachusetts estate planning lawyers have drafted many documents providing for the control of a partner's affairs and transfer of assets and property to the living partner. The purpose of these documents is to prevent the family from coming in and taking everything. The difficulties arise when unmarried couples have purchased homes and shared expenses, but do not receive the protection of marriage and inheritance laws. At Midgley Legal Services we will protect your assets through trusts and various asset protection documents.

Pre- and Post-Marital Agreements for Property Distribution
Another issue in estate planning is how to ensure distribution of marital property when the intention of the spouses differs from inheritance laws. Pre-marital agreements and post-marital agreements can be drafted to meet this need. Legal disputes still occur. When a couple is no longer living together but still married, one spouse may assert rights to property despite any documents to the contrary. However, pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements and contracts altering distribution are the best way to ensure your estate wishes are met and enforced by the court.

Contact Midgley Legal Services
If you have not considered estate planning as part of your life's financial plan, you may be missing out on the great tax benefits involved, such as avoiding probate and tax saving transfers of property. For a creative estate plan focused on your needs, contact Midgley Legal Services to speak with a Mansfield estate-planning lawyer.

Midgley Legal Services provides representation to clients in Greater Boston, and cities including Mansfield, Attleboro, North Attleboro, Easton, Boston, Walpole, Stoughton, Franklin, Foxboro, Wrentham, Canton, Norwood, Plainville, Seekonk, Sharon, Norton, Bellingham, and counties including Bristol County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, and Western County.


Experience and Personal Attention:

Our attorneys work closely with clients to provide personalized service. We spend time addressing clients' concerns and creating plans to protect them in the future and now. Every client has his or her own story and circumstances. Every estate plan, bankruptcy, or other legal financial issue is planned according to these individual needs.

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