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Mansfield Estate Tax Lawyers
At Midgley Legal Services we have more than twenty-five years of handling tax disputes with state and federal government agencies relating to income tax, estate tax, gift tax, and residential and commercial property tax assessments and valuations. Our attorneys work directly with each client, providing a compassionate and informative environment in which to discuss and resolve tax disputes. Contact our law office to discuss your tax dispute.

Income Tax Disputes
We provide sound legal advice and advocacy for settling IRS or Massachusetts Department of Revenue disputes. Our cases have successfully concluded with clients paying less income tax than the government demanded. Settlements usually involve a reduction of penalties and interest.

Business and Corporate Tax Disputes
In sales tax dispute settlements we negotiate for the reduction or removal of interest and penalties. The owners or managers of a business can become personally liable to pay taxes.

Gift Taxes
Gifts taxes are assessed once a person gives away more than $11,000 in 2006. But, a person may give $11,000 each to as many people as he/she wishes and receive a tax exemption. If you are liable to pay gift taxes, you must use your unified credit. This is what protects your estate from taxation. Proper planning maximizes your benefits

Assets in Multiple States or Jurisdictions
When clients own a home in Massachusetts and property in Rhode Island or New Hampshire or Florida, estate tax issues become complicated. Clients with multiple residences usually split their time among the states, and all of the states might claim the person as a resident. We work with clients to clarify their state of residence. When disputes arise we rely on established tests and laws to prove residency. The state where a person is domiciled or a permanent resident is likely where taxes will be assessed on assets, including estate taxes, and state and federal taxes on anything the person owned anywhere in the world.

To schedule an appointment with greater Boston tax dispute attorneys, contact Midgley Legal Services. We provide valuable legal advice and practical experience to assist you with any tax problem.

Midgley Legal Services provides representation to clients in Greater Boston, and cities including Mansfield, Attleboro, North Attleboro, Easton, Boston, Walpole, Stoughton, Franklin, Foxboro, Wrentham, Canton, Norwood, Plainville, Seekonk, Sharon, Norton, Bellingham, and counties including Bristol County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, and Western County.


Experience and Personal Attention:

Our attorneys work closely with clients to provide personalized service. We spend time addressing clients' concerns and creating plans to protect them in the future and now. Every client has his or her own story and circumstances. Every estate plan, bankruptcy, or other legal financial issue is planned according to these individual needs.

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