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Mansfield Simple Will Lawyers
A will is the most common estate planning tool. It gives a person the ability to specify the distribution of, nominate a legal representative, and make special arrangements for minors or special needs. It gives parents an opportunity to designate a guardian for their child or children. There are many property interests that may not transfer under a will, such as life insurance benefits or IRAs. At Midgley Legal Services, our Massachusetts wills and trusts attorneys have been providing reputable legal advice and representation to clients in need of a will or trust.

Under a will, clients may do any of the following:

  • transfer property
  • appoint a guardian for a minor child
  • appoint a representative to settle the estate
  • include provisions to save money
  • provide in trust that a child will not receive inheritance until an age the parent or relative selects
  • transfer life insurance benefits to a trust through a pour over will clause
  • attach a living will

Mansfield Trust Attorney
Trusts have become a major part of estate planning. A trust gives clients ways to transfer property to whomever they wish in privacy, without the property going through probate. These are primarily revocable trusts. They do not require court supervision. Trusts are not public record like wills. Trusts provide discretion and security with regard to the transfer of assets and property in any amount desired. Because of their nature, trusts are more difficult to contest.

Trusts Reduce Estate Taxes

  • marital trusts allow husbands and wives to avoid double taxation on assets
  • QTIP trusts - charitable giving and reduce taxes
  • life insurance trusts - life insurance owned by a trust can avoid estate taxation
  • irrevocable trusts reduce taxes and protect assets
  • Medicaid law - to protect assets while still qualifying for government assistance
  • special needs trust - including funding for education
  • allow a spouse to provide for a current spouse but to distribute the remaining assets to chosen beneficiaries after the second spouse passes away

Contact Massachusetts Wills and Trusts Attorneys
We work with clients to remove life insurance, 401Ks, and other investments from the estates to avoid unnecessary taxation. Do not hesitate to discuss your will and trust needs with an experienced Mansfield simple will lawyer or Mansfield trust attorney. Contact Midgley Legal Services for comprehensive estate planning.

Midgley Legal Services provides representation to clients in Greater Boston, and cities including Mansfield, Attleboro, North Attleboro, Easton, Boston, Walpole, Stoughton, Franklin, Foxboro, Wrentham, Canton, Norwood, Plainville, Seekonk, Sharon, Norton, Bellingham, and counties including Bristol County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County, and Western County.


Experience and Personal Attention:

Our attorneys work closely with clients to provide personalized service. We spend time addressing clients' concerns and creating plans to protect them in the future and now. Every client has his or her own story and circumstances. Every estate plan, bankruptcy, or other legal financial issue is planned according to these individual needs.

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